Are you concerned that an adult with a developmental disability is or may be being abused?

ReportON is a direct reporting service that allows individuals to report to the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS,) concerns of alleged, suspected or witnessed incidents of abuse and/or neglect of adults receiving MCSS-funded developmental services directly through a service agency or accessing services through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) offices.

ReportON can be accessed in many ways:

The Ministry will directly follow-up on matters relating to individuals receiving MCSS-funded developmental services, and will make appropriate referrals for matters that are outside the ministry’s jurisdiction.

Individuals contacting the ReportON service are not required to provide their name or contact details and may choose to remain anonymous. However, providing their information may be helpful in the event that the MCSS needs to contact them again, as some anonymous reports are difficult to act upon.

The Ministry will keep their personal information confidential, unless they are authorized or required by law to release that information, for example, if the police require it.

For more information about ReportON please visit the Ministry’s website:

ReportON Public Awareness Posters: