Developmental Services Ontario (DSO Hamilton-Niagara)

Developmental Services Ontario Hamilton-Niagara Region (DSO HNR) helps adults with developmental disabilities connect to services and supports in their communities. To learn more about the DSO in general and/or to find information about your local DSO, please follow this link.

The DSO HNR is administered by Contact Hamilton. The DSO HNR serves the following communities: Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk, Hamilton, Niagara, Six Nations of the Grand River and Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nations

The DSO HNR does the following:

  1. provides information to anyone who calls wanting information about available services and supports in the Hamilton-Niagara Region, as well as information about how to access services;
  2. for people that want adult developmental services and supports, the DSO HNR confirms if the person is eligible; and,
  3. for people that are eligible for adult developmental services and supports, the DSO HNR assesses the person’s needs by helping the person and/or their support network apply for services. Once the application process is completed, recommendations about services are made. Referrals are made with consent.